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About – My Journey in Web Development


Alan on a recent visit to Chile

I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and a graduate from Kennesaw State University. Since 2005 I have been living in Argentina. I’ve worked in IT since 1998 with companies such as IBM, Mircobuilt, Lockeed-Martin and Making Sense. Now I am a freelance web developer specializing in creating WordPress sites.

In my first 10 years in programming I was involved in desktop development using C, C++ and Visual Basic. I began working with PHP back in 2005. I started using Joomla in 2008. Over the course of this time I became knowledgeable in the areas of HTML, CSS, MySQL and JavaScript. Then in 2010 a friend asked me to help him with his WordPress site. I went on from that experience to work for a company in Mar Del Plata where I got to learn Agile development utilizing such tools as SVN, JIRA, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks as I developed WordPress sites used by the company’s marketing department. I became experienced using jQuery and incorporating AJAX into my WordPress development. Since 2010 I created a number of themes and plugins. I was an early adopter of responsive themes when they began to be developed in 2011. I first used the Whiteboard theme for my responsive projects and later the Skeleton theme. Now I often use the Reverie theme which is a HTML5 responsive framework based on ZURB’s Foundation and also the Bootstrap framework. I’ve also worked with Sencha Touch 2 to develop web apps that can display WordPress posts and pages.